(新品消息)Egg Attack - EA-008SP Iron Man3 - Mark II Magnetic Floating Version 磁浮 IRON MAN

Egg Attack - EA-008SP Iron Man3 - Mark II Magnetic Floating Version (電鍍版)
香港Toy Soul 2014 會場發售

*Shiny chrome version is Toy Soul 2014  exclusive limited (200 pieces).* 


售價 :約$1050 HKD  Price: US$135.00
售日期 :2015年第一季         Release date :2015 Q1 

預訂連結: http://www.angolz.com/store/iron-man-mark-ii-magnetic-floating-version-egg-attack-ea-008sp-iron-man-3.html

野獸國強力推出世界首創真實模擬鋼鐵人Mark II飛行型態Egg Attack EA-008鋼鐵人3 Mark II 磁浮版,利用電磁鐵吸引與排斥力浮動原理呈現物件磁懸浮效果來呈現鋼鐵人Mark II飛行模式。

延續Egg Attack特色,細部雕劃鋼鐵人每個細節,不論盔甲、身體關節、甚至是飛行模式導流罩皆完整呈現,鋼鐵人Mark II磁浮版主體使用高品質銀色金屬塗料,展現Mark II動力裝備如鋼鐵般的質感,並且在眼睛、胸前反應爐、以及腳底部分皆藏有高亮度LED燈,完美詮釋電影中夜間飛行模式。

Egg Attack EA-008鋼鐵人3 Mark II 磁浮版內附如同鋼鐵人胸前反應爐的發光磁浮底座、專屬電池盒(8顆AA電池)、以及防撞矽膠片。

*世界首創真實模擬鋼鐵人Mark II飛行型態

*利用電磁鐵吸引與排斥力浮動原理呈現物件磁懸浮效果來呈現鋼鐵人Mark II飛行模式


*使用高品質銀色金屬塗料,展現Mark II動力裝備如鋼鐵般的質感



來源: http://www.beast-kingdom.com.tw/Products/Index.aspx?ID=20141224001&Prd=5

Beast Kingdom is pleased to announce the world’s first simulation EA-008 Iron Man 3 Mark II Magnetic Floating Version, using electromagnetic attraction and repulsion to emulate a floating effect as Mark II’s flying mode.
True to the key features of the Egg Attack series, Iron Man’s every detail is meticulously crafted, including the armor, joints, and flying mode air deflector. The Iron Man 3 Mark II Magnetic floating version’s main body is painted with high-quality metal coating, showcasing Mark II’s steel-like armor. High-luminance LED light is hidden within the eye, chest reactor, and feet, which stays true to the night flying mode in the Iron Man movie.
The Egg Attack EA-008 Iron Man 3 Mark II Magnetic Floating Version is shipped with a glowing magnetic levitation base, a customized battery case (fits 8 AA batteries), and a protective sheet.
Manufactured by: Beast Kingdom Toys
Material: ABS、Magnet
Mark: H8.5 x W16 x L7cm
Base: Diameter - 11cm
Net Weight: 1kg
Box Size: H26 x W18 x L14 cm

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