(新品消息)DC 超級英雄- DC Comics Icons Action Figure 系列

DC 超級英雄- DC Comics Icons Action Figure 系列

DC 出品的最新6吋人偶系列,會在今年年尾開始分三階段推出,第一波有蝙蝠俠、綠箭俠,閃電俠等熱門角色。玩具標榜多關節設計,及高可能性。最近官方仲公佈左幅Batman 內部結構圖來回答Fans 們對可動性的疑問。

Wave 1 (November/December)

• Deadman, with interchangeable hands and a "ghost aura" that fits on most figure's heads

• Green Arrow, the version from writer Mike Grell's The Longbow Hunter series with bow and arrow

• Batman, a pre-"New 52" iteration with Batarang and grapple gun

• Mister Miracle, the latest incarnation who comes with Miracle disks and a Mother Box

• The Flash, the Barry Allen from 1980s' Crisis on Infinite Earths with Speed Force treadmill

• Black Adam, the new version who comes with lightning hands

Wave 2 (December)

• Blue Beetle, the Jaime Reyes version with arm cannons and removable wings

• Lex Luthor, the Justice League member with clip-on energy blades

• Green Lantern, a pre-"New 52" Hal Jordan with power armor

Wave 3 (February 2016)

• Superman, the pre-"New 52" version with interchangeable hands and head, chain and robot helper Kelex

• Aquaman, with trident

• Harley Quinn (not pictured), original version with hammer, rubber chicken, pop gun and pie

• The Atom set, featuring female version Atomica from the Crime Syndicate of America, midsize figure Ryan Choy and small figure Ray Palmer




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