[Review]Storm Collectibles - 1/6 Mike Tyson"(KnK Exclusive) action figure

Review -Storm Collectibles - 1/6 Mike Tyson"(KnK Exclusive) action figure

After MIKE TYSON "The Youngest Heavyweight",  Storm Collectibles- the 1/6 scale  Mike Tyson"(KnK Exclusive)  collectibles figure is out now, which is only display and pre order at 2015 Seoul Adult & Kid Fair in Coex Convention and Exhibition Center , with 100pcs Limited . It imaged Mike Tyson training scenes at his early professional boxing career exclusive feature the white training outfit. 

本地玩具商Storm Collectibles 早前2015年7月22日-26日假南韓擧行的2015 Seoul Adult & Kid Fair 中以100套限量形式預購的1/6 拳王泰臣 MIKE TYSON (KnK Exclusive) 發貨了,造型是以他在早期的職業拳擊生涯中,所穿的白色訓練服及訓練場景製作。

Mike Tyson and Oliver McCall sparring 

 KnK Exclusive "Mike Tyson" Approximately 30 cm tall,  features  two head sculpt , one is normal expression , another one is  boxing in action (teeth shown), including Boxing gloves , Boxing shoes, a red protective headgear , Hook & loop protector, white training outfit,  championship belt, 4 pieces of interchangeable palms, 1 pair of bare feet, 1 set of grey color causal training outfit, Everlast boxing trunk, Speed Bag Platform.  And a pair of extra Boxing gloves, this is hand-made with leather-like and printed with official licensed Everlast logo . (Too Many..? :) )

這款 KnK Exclusive版本泰臣,以白色的訓練服裝登場,並配有紅色的練習頭罩,取材自泰臣早期在進行對練(Sparring)的造型,在配件上,白色訓練服及紅色練習頭罩服裝的KnK Exclusive 版本,會取代早前的「重量級特別版」的黑色練習頭罩、木材地台及仿真皮拳擊鞋,但仍保留拳擊手套、拳擊鞋、護陰褲、灰色訓練服、速度球與普通地台等* 。當中的拳擊手套、練習頭罩、護陰褲、速度球均由著名運動品牌“EVERLAST"正式授權,並以仿真皮人手製作,像真度極高。


Mike Tyson sparring during a training session in June 1988 in the Catskills,New York. 

 Iron Mike sparring sessions (Kevin Rooney giving directions in the background)

About Mike Tyson :

Mike Tyson, a former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA, and IBF heavyweight titles at the age of 20. Tyson won his first 19 professional bouts by knockout and 12 of them in the first round! 

From :WIKI

「米克」泰臣(英語:Michael Gerard "Mike" Tyson,1966年6月30日-),生於美國紐約市,曾是一位職業拳擊手,曾獲世界重量級冠軍,被認為是世界上最好的重量級拳擊手之一。在其全盛時期,他以毀滅性的風格多次擊敗了著名的對手,一度是最具威脅性的拳擊手之一。但其事業前途卻因個人問題、缺乏訓練和兩次收押而中斷。在監獄他曾企圖恢復職業生涯,但在與知名對手比賽中卻沒有獲勝。 2005年6月11日泰森與拳擊手Kevin McBride 打了最後一場比賽,但亦以失敗收場,因此決定永遠從拳壇退休。

▼Mike Tyson Connecticut mansion ,破產後售予 Rapper 50 Cent,但最近50 Cent 也破產了...

Tyson is said to have squandered nearly $300m in ring earnings through lavish spending and bad advice, and he declared bankruptcy in 2003.

20歲已成為拳王的他,生活窮奢極侈,他在康涅狄格的豪宅,佔地5萬呎、擁有19間睡房的巨宅,共花掉泰臣1,850萬美元,生涯賺得逾4億美元的泰臣,但被「吸血鬼」經理人唐京(Don King)「搾乾」終在03年宣佈破產。

Storm Collectibles - 1/6 Mike Tyson"(KnK Exclusive) action figure

▼第一層的配件 The box features 3 layers of accessories, this is the first

▼雙頭雕的人偶 - Two different head sculpt

▼素體非常逼真  Muscular body-shape 

▼包膠的大腿 Seamless knee joint

▼紋身 With tattoo at Tyson' mid-late 80's professional boxing career

▼第二層配件 Second Layer

▼灰色運動裝、仿真皮拳套、速度球、拳擊褲、地台及 - Causal training outfit. Everlast professional boxing gloves. Speed Ball . Everlast boxing trunk & the Base Stand.

拳擊褲,由運動品牌“EVERLAST"正式授權 -Everlast boxing trunk (Tyson wore on many of his championship fights)

仿真皮拳套 A pair of leather boxing glove

▼第三層的配件,護陰褲,KnK Exclusive 特有的紅色仿真皮練習頭罩及白色訓練服-The third layer - Hook & loop protector . , Red Protective headgear (KnK Exclusive), White Training Outfit (KnK Exclusive)

▼Different:  Left: Mike Tyson" (Heavy Weight SpecialEdition)  Right :Mike Tyson (KnK Exclusive)

▼頭雕水準非常不俗 Head sculpt 1

▼背部肌肉紋理 Back

▼肩關節可上下"甩動" Movable shoulder joints

▼內裡的設計- Inside the figure

▼另一頭雕- Head sculpt "boxing in action"

練習頭罩,及白色訓練服,非常貼合的剪栽 - Hand made protective headgear & White Training Outfit(KnK Exclusive)

重量級拳王金腰帶 - Championship Belt

▼The Heavy Weight Champion "Mike Tyson"

▼灰色運動套裝 - One set of grey color causal training outfit

▼多款可換手形 - Four pieces of interchangeable palms

▼自行綑繩的拳套 - Hand-made leather boxing gloves

▼腳掌一對 - A pair of barefoot

仿真皮護陰褲 - Leather Hook & loop protector

▼VS Bruce Lee



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