[Unboxing] Storm Collectibles -1/6 Mike Tyson Olympics Collectible Figure

[Unboxing] Storm Collectibles -1/6 Mike Tyson Olympics Collectible Figure

This Storm Collectibles brand new figure is exclusively preorder  in New York Comic Con 2015 limited 800pcs, it captures Tyson’s outfit from the Junior Olympics, who won gold medals at the 1981 and 1982 Junior Olympics and holds the Junior Olympic record for the fastest knockout ever (8 seconds). Tyson also won every bout at the Junior Olympics by knockout.

這款Storm Collectibles 的最新作-1/6 拳王泰臣 MIKE TYSON (奧運特別版)於2015年在美國擧行的 New York Comic Con 紐約動漫展中以800套限量形式發售取材自泰臣15歲時,1981年和 1982 年的Junior Olympic 少年奧運會時的造型。而泰臣在每場賽事均以K.O 獲勝奪取金牌,並創造出Junior Olympic的拳擊比賽中,最快的knockout 紀綠 (8 秒)。 

泰臣創出的Junior Olympic的拳擊最快的knockout 紀綠  (8 秒)  The fastest K.O Record of Junior Olympics (8 seconds)

Mike Tyson 1/6 “Olympic” Edition(Official Photo)

▼Unboxing By Toys Zone D

▼Box Art, Cool!

▼第一層的配件 The box features 2 layers of accessories, this is the first ,Features the body,  head sculpts. boxing gloves. boxing shoes, boxing trunk & leather made protective headgear 

▼第二層配件 Second Layer features the base Stand, boxing robe and boxing vests

▼360 Viewer Mode
▼雙頭雕的人偶 - Features two head sculpt

頭雕1 Head sculpt 1

頭雕2 Head sculpt 2

▼全配件 All accessories

▼肩關節可上下"甩動" Movable shoulder joints

▼Moveable arms

▼腰部可360度轉動 360 degree waist rotation

▼腳部設計 Moveable legs Ball Joint Design

▼可輕易地內外轉動  lateral rotation easily 

▼兩套衣服 Outfits

▼Style 1

▼Style 2

練習頭罩- Hand made protective headgear

拳擊長袍 Boxing Robe

著名運動品牌“EVERLAST"正式授權 -With official licensed EVERLAST logo

▼真是口袋來的 this is a real pocket !

▼Style 3


頭雕 Head sculpt  :★★★
外形 Shape :★★★
配件Accessory :★★

UNBOXING Storm Collectibles-1/6th scale MIKE TYSON "The Youngest Heavyweight" Collectible Figure

UNBOXING -Storm Collectibles - 1/6 Mike Tyson"(KnK Exclusive) action figure



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