[獨家率先睇]Storm Collectibles 最新人偶作品@SDCC2016

First Look ! Storm Collectibles @SDCC2016

本地品牌Storm Collectibles將在SDCC2016 中展出多款1/12作品,包括真人快打《街頭霸王V》李小龍等系列,而當中,還有多款首次露面的全新作品。就從下圖所見,有《街頭霸王V》ALEX 及KEN的1/12原型模組,與及真人快打Shao Kahn。除此之外,Storm 更會帶來全新版本的泰臣1/6珍藏人偶等作品,更多消息,我們會再為大家公佈! 

Storm Collectibles is exhibiting at the upcoming event - SDCC 2016, with their 1/12 Collectible Figure Series: Street Fighters V -RYU , Mortal Kombat , Bruce Lee and more, which is first appearance. In Additional to the Alex and Ken 1/12 figure prototype from Street Fighters V , which is shown below , a new version of 1/6 " IRON MIKE" Action Figure will be coming. We'll keep you updated, so stay tuned !

《街頭霸王V》Street Fighters V  !!


Re-sculpted ? features an all new body? 小龍素體修正了 !?

▼Can you see the differences? 

Mortal Kombat

Shao Kahn

Storm Collectibles -SFV 1/12 RYU Action Figure
Storm Collectibles 1/12 Scale Bruce Lee statue

UNBOXING Storm Collectibles-1/6th scale MIKE TYSON "The Youngest Heavyweight" Collectible Figure

UNBOXING -Storm Collectibles - 1/6 Mike Tyson"(KnK Exclusive) action figure
[Unboxing] Storm Collectibles -1/6 Mike Tyson Olympics Collectible Figure




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