[Unboxing] Storm Collectibles 1/6th Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior - Ting (Tony Jaa) Collectible Figure

 [REVIEW] Storm Collectibles 1/6th Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior - Ting (Tony Jaa) Collectible Figure

Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior is a 2003 worldwide hit Thai martial arts action film and it was starred by most well-rounded martial art superstar, Tony Jaa. Jaa perfectly combined martial art, muay thai and stunts without mechanical assistance or computer- generated effects, and it shocked the whole world with his revolutionary breakthrough. Storm Collectibles is honored to granted the official license to produce the 1/6th scale Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior- Ting, starred by Tony Jaa. It is the first time Thai action movie star ever been made in collectible figure. It is produced with a newly developed head and body sculpt with highly detailed muscle body and outfits.

About The 1/6th scale Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior - Ting (Tony Jaa) Collectible Figure

本地玩具品牌Storm Collectibles 的1/6人偶系列繼拳擊界傳奇「泰臣」 Mike Tyson 及「禿鷹」賀根 Hulk Hogan後,早在2014年發佈,取自 2003 年一部顛覆世界武術的泰國動作電影拳霸」 Ting (Tony Jaa) 1/6人偶亦正式推出,這亦是Tony Jaa有史以來第一次授權生產珍藏人偶。

人偶會分為雙頭「單素體普通版」及 「雙頭雙素體豪華版」兩款,配件方面非常豐富,配有兩款頭雕、肌肉感的素體、多款可替換手型以及電影中出現的兩套服裝,並在豪華版中將追加一款肌肉素體。人偶只作全球限量推出1000個,售價為239.99美元(USD),港幣售價約1870元(HKD) 

The 1/6th scale Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior – Ting (Tony Jaa) Collectible Figure: 

 Limited Edition 

  • Highly detailed head sculpt with extreme likeness of Tony Jaa as character Ting in Ong-Bak 頭雕1
  • Extra in-action facial expression head-sculpt  頭雕2
  • Extreme likeness muscular body 兩組電影擬真肌肉包膠素體 
  • Three pairs of interchangeable palms 三對手掌 
  • One pair of interchangeable wrapped palms 一對紮手帶手掌 
  • Movie outfit: White sleeveless, brown shirt, grey pants, pair of sneaker, orange sack 背包 X 1 襯衫 X 1 內衣 X 1 運動褲 X 1 武術褲 X 1 鞋子 X 1 支撐架 X 1
  • Brown shorts with hemp rope belt 武術褲 及繩帶

▼Unboxing By Toys Zone D


▼Open It

2 facial expression head-sculpts

▼Head-Sculpt 1

▼Head-Sculpt 2

 Interchangeable hands 

▼Muay thai Bandage

Muscular body-sculpt of Hulk Hogan with molded poseable arms 

Brown shorts with hemp rope belt 武術褲及繩帶

第二層的配件 2 layers of accessories 


▼Converse :)

orange sack


▼Addition Body (Exclusive Ver.)

 ▼全配件 All accessories

▼2 Tony Jaa Collectible Figures within

▼Style 1

頭雕Head sculpt 1(Action facial expression)

Muscular body




▼Tie it up


▼Wrap your hands !

▼Movable arms 手臂可動性

▼Arms can be raised around 120° 側舉

可內外轉動的前臂lateral rotation forearms

▼肩關節 Movable shoulder joints

▼Movable Wrist 手腕可動性

▼Legs Movement 腳的可動

▼Style 2

頭雕2 Head sculpt (Normal Expression)


▼Another style

▼1/6 th Mike Tyson, Hulk Hogan, Tony Jaa collectible figures by "Storm Collectibles" 

▼Mike V Tony

▼Via JOKU Studio


頭雕 Head sculpt  :★★★
外形 Shape :★★★
配件Accessory :★★  

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