[玩具報告] Storm Collectibles -《街頭霸王V》阿隆RYU 1/12 可動人偶

[UNBOXING] 1/12 Scale Street Fighter V Ryu Figure by Storm Collectibles

Storm Collectibles 阿隆Ryu 1/12 可動人偶以《街頭霸王V》中的設定為造形,人偶全高17.7cm,全新超過30個可動點,配有三款不同表情的換面組件、多款不同替換手型、波動拳的特效配件及背景版,組合出波動拳、昇龍拳、旋風腿等經典招式絕無問題,喜歡街霸的朋友不要錯過。

Street Fighter V – Ryu 1/12 Scale Figure will stand about 17.7 cm tall and have over 30 points of articulation. This figure will include three exchangeable facial expression, 
four interchangeable hands and a Hadoken effects pieces and backdrop.  So that, Ryu can be posed performing his signature special moves just like Tatsumaki Senpukyaku , Shoryuken , Hadoken as well.

 Storm Collectibles 這款由CAPCOM作授權及監修的1/12 阿隆人偶,有著「日系」玩具的高可動性,亦根據《街頭霸王V》的人設及風格製作,帶出較為粗豪、更真實質感及肌肉感的「美漫」風格造型,而基於這點,Storm 亦在人偶的雕功中細緻地呈現出來!

Street Fighter V has a different character Art Style with Street Fighter IV. At the last time, you can see the character with Japanese brush style graphics , but this time is turning  to " American comic book style". So that you can see a muscular, solid and a good looking textures body and also featured a good mobility on this Storm Collectibles 1/12 Scale Ryu figure, which is authorized and supervised by CAPCOM

1/12 Scale Street Fighter V  Ryu Figure by Storm Collectibles 

▼Unboxing !

▼背景版 Backdrop

▼全配件 All Accessories

▼地台Base Stand


▼正面 Front



▼共三款替換表情 Include three exchangeable facial expression




Muscular Body

▼極粗壯的手臂Huge arms

▼頭部可動 Head Movement 

▼肩及手臂的可動性Shoulder & Arms  Movement

▼腳的可動性Leg Movement 

▼多對替換手型Interchangeables Hands





▼波動牶特效 Hadoken effects pieces

▼波動牶 Hadoken !! 

▼道袍 Gi

▼為軟膠物料 Soft PVC

▼道袍可除下Can Take it off !

▼Six Packs HERE !

超強肌肉感的素體 Muscular body

▼Hulk ?

▼地台Base Stand

▼可調校高度Height Adjustment

▼With S.H.F & Mattel 

▼V.s Hulk LOL

▼No Love For S.H.F Version ....



頭雕 Head sculpt  :★★★
外形 Shape :★★★
配件Accessory :★★ 

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