[玩具報告]Storm Collectibles -Hulk Hogan Hulkamania「禿鷹」賀根1/4雕像!

Storm Collectibles -Hulk Hogan Hulkamania 1:4 Scale Premium Statue:

本地玩具品牌Storm Collectibles 的除了1/6及1/12系列人偶外,亦在1/4比例中推出雕像作品。而「禿鷹」賀根Hulk Hogan繼1/6 人偶版本外,亦在1/4雕像系列現身!

雕像來自摔角界的「禿鷹」賀根(Hulk Hogan)" Hulkamania"的造形為設定,雕像全高19吋,即約49.5cm 高,並透過手工雕刻及手繪製作,身上配上綿製的摔角膝蓋及摔角及Hulkamania 字樣地台。而由於雕像用上PVC & Vinyl作質材,所以能較市面上一般合成樹脂(polystone)材料製成的雕像有著較低的售價。

▼Unboxing 開箱影片

Storm Collectibles -Hulk Hogan Hulkamania 1:4 Scale Premium Statue:

The greatest champion, hall of frame, and the most iconic wrestling superstar of all time - the true legend, Hulk Hogan, also known as Hulkamania, Hulkster, and Hollywood Hogan. The Hulkamania outfit - the red and yellow - have created the most iconic fashion in the wrestling entertainment history that no one will ever forget. Storm Collectibles is proud to be the exclusive tag team partner with Hulk Hogan to produce a 1:4 Scale Statue in high quality format (non-articulated, PVC & Vinyl). This is the first 1:4 scale wrestler figure ever produced in the market, with limited production that all Hulkamanics and wrestling fans won't wanna miss ! 

"So what you gonna do when Hulk Hogan and Storm Collectibles runs wild on you BROTHER!"

Features :
  • Approximately 19 inches tall 
  • Highly detailed Hand Sculpted & Hand Painted (PVC & Vinyl) 
  • Ripped Hulkamania Shirt (Fabric) 
  • Wrestling Trunk (Fabric) 
  • Wrestling Knees Paths (Fabric) 
  • Hulkamania Logo Base

▼Convenient Collecting Stand 細小而方便收藏的地台

頭雕 Head sculpt  :★★★★½
外形 Shape :★★★
配件Accessory :NIL

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